It looks like we don’t support your device, operating system, or browser.
We recommend that you read the technical requirements before purchasing a video or live stream.
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Technical requirements

For an undisturbed experience, we recommend:

Restart your device before the live stream itself
Do not open any other bookmarks in the Internet list
Do not run any other programs on the device. They could slow down to slow down your device
Use the proven and fully supported Google Chrome web browser - download here:
If you want to have a transfer without any problems, make sure that your internet has a speed of at least 10Mbps. Here you can check your speed: INTERNET SPEED MEASUREMENT
Mobile device

Operating system: Android 9+ or iOS 13+.

Internet browser: New versions of Chrome (spec.) / Safari / Edge (chrome)

Smart TV device

We currently do not guarantee a quality stream for Smart TV. If possible, test the intended device before purchasing the service.

To test, watch the video "Jaktím pay per view" - if it plays for you, everything is fine.

Desktop computers

We recommend viewing the video in the Chrome Web Test. However, it can also be viewed in Edge, Firefox or Safari internet browsers.

Also important are the parameters for the settings that are used to play the video, such as: Javascript enabled, cookies enabled, Google Chrome (last 3 versions), Firefox (last 3 versions), Safari 10+, Video HTML5. (settings -> enable / disable)

Proper video playback will only be possible on fully updated Windows 10 and MacOS 10+ operating systems. You will be able to watch the video from all devices that meet the hardware requirements: processor min. 1.6 GHz, RAM min. 8 GB

CAUTION - The stream cannot be used on multiple devices to use.

We do not support:

Internet Explorer is not supported on any device
SMART TV - on older types of SMART TV we do not guarantee the flawlessness of live stream playback.
If you do not meet the above requirements, you are entitled to advertising services.